shared glass

katara art center doha, qatar on now until january 7th, 2012

‘resurrected’ by amin matni  all images courtesy of the fabrica design department 

‘shared glass’ exhibition is the work of design master students from qatar which was created during a glass workshop with fabrica design studio and italian glass maker massimo lunardon. each piece is a hybrid object which re-examines and juxtaposes distinctive elements from an eclectic array of multicultural forms. the designers worked closely with lunardon throughout the process, from the initial drawings to the free blowing of the pieces in the artisan workshop. 

fabrica: shared glass exhibition‘cheers’ by valentina carretta

‘cheers’ by valentina corretta is a cake tray which aims to celebrate life experienced around the dinner table. three types of glasses are placed one inside the other. the first is the european red wine glass, the second is the typical arabian tea glass,  and the third is a hybrid of the two origins. when the tray is passed around, a quiet bell noise is created.

fabrica: shared glass exhibition(left) ‘totem’ by alia khairat (right) ‘unidome’ by sam baron

‘unidome’ by sam baron is an eclectic container for small objects, fragrances or a single flower. the shape originates from the soliflor pillar, hinting between a shisha pipe and a palladian column. the vase rests on a simple base which serves as a dome to highlight small tabletop objects. 

fabrica: shared glass exhibition(left) ‘swing’ by imad fadel 

(right) ‘pitch’ by corby elford 

fabrica: shared glass exhibition‘rosace’ drinking set by margaux keller 

‘rosace’ drinking set by margaux keller explores the individuality and community when it comes to sharing a drink. a hybrid of a teapot, arabic shisha and lebanese water jug, the centerpiece is accompanied by glasses. each straw in the cup is unique, symbolizing distinctiveness in a group setting. 

fabrica: shared glass exhibition (left) ‘fragrance vessel’ by dean brown (right) ‘deserto’ by marie dessuant

‘fragrance vessel’ by dean brown is meant for preserving an enjoying scented liquids or perfumes. the form is a hybrid of a wine glass, an arabic perfume stopper and a saucer. these familiar typologies are reexamined outside of their usual context. the wine glass is shaped to capture aroma, beyond containing wine, the base is a saucer to highlight and define a surface area when held, and the perfume stopper completes the composition with a sense of familiarity. 

‘deserto’ by marie dessuant is a single flower vase. it is made using traditional veneto glass blowing techniques. the shape is derived from idea of the last drop in an empty bottle, suggesting the desert and its absence of water. 

fabrica: shared glass exhibition (left) ‘eurab’ by rania chamsine  (right) ‘histories’ by amaury poudray

‘histories’ by famaury poudray is an exploration of an object that is neither functional or sculptural. the forms used combine a series of cultures and historical references, allowing the user to interpret their own meaning from the glass article.

fabrica: shared glass exhibition‘path’ by sameh ibrahim

fabrica: shared glass exhibition‘torch’ by constantin boym