fabrica’s you make the park combines sustainability with modularity
photos courtesy of: marco furio magliani 2015 




as an official supplier for expo milano 2015fabrica has constructed ‘you make the park’ — a series of outdoor seating — installed within the venue’ piazza dei tigli to adhere with the global event’s mission of exploring sustainable development. beginning with the first principle: that what comes from the earth returns to the earth, the outdoor collection consists approximately of 60 articles ranging from benches, tables stools and to daybeds constructed from 100% recyclable materials.

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_002
a modular table can be affixed to the bench, creating the ideal space for a social gathering




designed by an international team of creatives, the ‘you make the park’ pieces are rendered from 100% recyclable materials including cork, galestrao terra-cotta and wood.; with no glue used in their assembly. the pieces are clean and simple, and are modular leaving it up to the users to modify their setting as the see fit. by allowing visitors to engage directly with the modules, the exhibition fosters a dynamic democratic and multicultural space which creates a dialogue between individuals and their space.

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_001
the terra cotta base serves as the building block for the entire collection



‘you make the park’ was realized in sponsorship with: amorim from portugal, for the cork; deroma from italy, for the galestro terracotto; prosign from italy, for the wood; and alquimia white, red & green for the web experience dedicated to the project’s site: www.makethepark.com

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_007
three bases can be linked together into a comfortable day bed

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_008
by employing spacers, a table can easily be snapped together

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_009

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_010
the bases can even be employed to hold display

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_011
for smaller gatherings the table can be reduced in size to foster an intimate atmosphere

fabrica_You make the park_designboom_012


fabrica make your park designboom
conceptual sketch
fabrica make your park designboom
conceptual sketch
fabrica make your park designboom
conceptual sketch