factorydesign has created ‘isolate’, a social distancing screen kit for future travelling via airplanes, post COVID-19. as the pandemic quickly establishes behavioral changes within shared public areas, future passengers will place even greater value on personal space than ever before. not only from a comfort perspective, but mainly from a health and safety standpoint.

isolate a social distancing travel screen 1
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airlines will need to adapt their cabins in order to tempt customers back and reassure them that their health is protected whilst on board ‘ factorydesign explains. as the loads of passengers decrease, many opportunities will free-up in order to adapt existing cabins and address this new normal in the short to medium term. whilst still in early development, the isolate kit transforms the middle seat into a reassuring screen, providing maximum personal space and separation for adjacent passengers.

isolate a social distancing travel screen 2



the light-weight table top supports a translucent thermoplastic screen to allow light to pass through and maintain an airy cabin. all surfaces are designed to remove any dirt and be easily cleaned. the vertical screen can alternatively be produced in a lightweight thermo-formed foam, with a cleanable leather trim. the whole feature is supported by the armrests and securely belted into position.

isolate a social distancing travel screen 3


the kit disassembles easily for stowage and can be fitted to any seat in order to facilitate travelling couples who wish to be screened from the aisle.the kit of parts also have a life post covid-19 where it can transform short haul economy class seats into a business class offering. the kit can be retrofitted to any existing economy seat.

isolate a social distancing travel screen 4

isolate a social distancing travel screen 5


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name: isolate
designer: factorydesign



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