färg & blanche demonstrates wood stitching technique with gärsnäs’ julius series
all images courtesy of färg & blanche





färg & blanche, a swedish studio founded by designers fredrik färg and emma marga blanche, has been developing a sewing machine technique called ‘wood tailoring’, used to stitch directly onto the wood, piecing together different materials and parts. to exhibit their recent progress, the duo introduced the ‘julius’ sofa and armchair collection at the 2016 stockholm furniture fair for gärsnäs, where it explores the possibilities of the sew technology in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. the shape of the series is defined by the materials and technique. the sewing, padding and fabric offer a personable appeal, while the underlying shell provides contrasting hardness. the forms are the result of intensive research aimed at developing a module that can be used for both the sofa and arm chair. 





‘wood tailoring’ offers a conspicuous stitched expression that provides a worked and tactile feeling. there are countless possibilities to alter the furniture’s expression, partly through the choice of upholstery and partly depending on the chosen surface treatment of the wooden back plate, in addition to varying colors of the visible stitching. the färg & blanche technique is also suitable for mass production and because the hard wooden shell is sewn together with the soft fabric front, the it is easy to separate when it comes time to recycle. the gärsnäs ‘julius’ sofa and chair will be on display at the stockholm furniture fair from februrary 9 to the 13, 2016. 


video courtesy of färg & blanche

farg-blanche-garsnas-julius-sofa-armchair-designboom-03 farg-blanche-garsnas-julius-sofa-armchair-designboom-04 farg-blanche-garsnas-julius-sofa-armchair-designboom-05 farg-blanche-garsnas-julius-sofa-armchair-designboom-06 farg-blanche-garsnas-julius-sofa-armchair-designboom-07