‘A is for ass kicking career women’; ‘B is for birth; ‘C is for campus assault and safety laws’ — the ABC’s like you’ve never seen them before. international advertising agency young & rubicam devised a typographic project coined ‘the feminist letters’, ‘to amplify the message advocating for gender equality’. each letterform has been specifically envisioned with purpose, raising awareness around issues of equal pay, reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws.

feminist letters
animated, the typeface is at once humorous and significant 



the downloadable typeface can be explored through an interactive website that offers insight into each letter’s social message. ‘Q for quick access’, for example, tells us that ‘in some states, pharmacists can refuse to provide contraception prescriptions if they have a moral or religious objection.’ ‘W for women in power’ offers the statistic that ‘only 4.2% of fortune 500 CEO’s are women, and .4% are women of color.’ in the era of movements like #timesup and #metoo, the ‘feminist letters’ offer a new way of communicating a powerful message.

feminist letters
each letterform has been specifically envisioned with purpose

feminist letters
the letters aim to raise awareness around issues of equal pay, and reproductive rights, for example 

this free 'feminist' font turns ABCs into messages of advocacy
‘P is for power to the people’