ferrari air jordan 14 retro ‘challenge red’ NIKE basketball sneakers
images courtesy of nike




NIKE’s basketball footwear brand have released their latest pair, the ‘air jordan 14 retro ‘challenge red’ which has been influenced by the designs of ferrari. the sneakers take on the sports cars’ luxurious form and sleek lines to reflect players speed on the court. featuring an eye-catching deep challenge red, one-piece soft suede upper and a carbon fiber graphic midsole, the trainers look as if they have been made right out of one of the famous automobiles. the limited edition pairs include a modified ferrari shield logo where the horse has been replaced by the jordan sign. only a small amount are available on september 6th so get your engines ready.

the tops of the ferrari air jordan 14 retro


michael jordan’s iconic number 23 in ferrari yellow on the shoes’ heels




the jordan symbol replaces the famous horse on the ferrari logo