student filip zieciak from konstfack university sheds light on the invisible with his ‘windcatcher’, a wall structure designed to reveal unseen natural pattern. installed in a busy metro station, the object is conceived as an interactive and living object that ‘comes to life by reacting  to wind coming from a nearby train or a person passing by. 

filip zieciak's wall structure reveals unseen patterns of natural forces



titled ‘revealing the unseen’, filipe zieciak‘s project from konstfack university focuses on the phenomenon that people take for granted, which they don’t reflect upon. ‘when does nothing become something? when does the invisible become visible?’, questions zieciak. with that idea in mind, the windcatcher is laser-cut and camouflaged into space, as invisible as its living source-wind. hence, when the natural force is triggered, the structure comes out from the wall and materializes the unseen.



filip zieciak – wall structure reacting to the wind
video from konstfack



reflecting upon the concept of the invisible, and its silent force, zieciak highlights the words of peter sloterdijk:

‘at first we feel nothing, we are insensitive, we are naturalised. and then suddenly we feel not something, but the absence of something we did not know before could possibly be lacking. think of the poor soldiers on the front line, deep in their trenches, the 22nd of april 1915 near ypres. they knew everything about bullets, shells, rats, death, mud, and fear—but air, they did not feel the air, they just breathed it’, 

filip zieciak's wall structure reveals unseen patterns of natural forces


passing by the structure
video from filip zięciak



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom