‘star’ coat hanger by anurak suchat

spotted at the IFFS/AFS international furniture fair singapore 2011 was the ‘star’ coat hanger by anurak suchat from thai design studio aesthetic.

made from one single piece of ash wood, the coat hanger comes in a very small package and can easily be assembled, without using any screws. the furniture object is made by hand and finished with oil to maintain the natural appearance of the wood.

flat pack coat hanger by aesthetic studio anurak suchat assembles the coat hanger

flat pack coat hanger by aesthetic studio making process

flat pack coat hanger by aesthetic studio anurak suchat at the IFFS /AFS fairgrounds image © designboom

flat pack coat hanger by aesthetic studio image © designboom

asthetic studio has won 2nd price of the best deco asia award handed out at the IFFS/AFS award ceremony at the buyer’s night.

— about international furniture fair singapore/ASEAN furniture show (IFFS/AFS)

the international furniture fair singapore, held in conjunction with the ASEAN furniture show (IFFS/AFS) began in 1981 and has since grown to be regarded by industry experts as asia’s most prestigious furniture trade show. IFFS/AFS provides an effective marketing platform for regional companies to venture into global markets. as a testimony to the quality of the show, IFFS/AFS is the first asian-based international furniture fair to be accepted as a member of the elite union des foires internationales, a paris-based international authority on trade fairs. in addition, it is the only furniture trade event in singapore to be awarded the ‘approved international fair’ status by the singapore tourism board. IFFS/AFS is set to become even more comprehensive for the furniture players, with the addition of the inaugural deco asia and hospitality asia to expand the scope of the show.