flat packed yodessa stool by tizumuka constructs with three parts
images courtesy of tizumuka




the ‘yodessa stool’ by tizumuka encapsulates simplicity in terms of aesthetics and construction by being made up of three components. the furniture can be flat packed into a 680 x 400 x 50mm package and does not require any tools to be assembled and disassembled. the seat and legs can be locked in place by securing the plumbing valve knob in just matter of seconds.

the stool comprises of a seat, the legs and a plumbing valve knob




tizumuka is a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2012 and conceives projects that develop around investigative studies and artisan craftsmanship. their attention to construction details, methods and material usage is exemplified by the ‘yodessa stool’ and its objective of breaking down a stool into its basic structure. the chair is a recipient of the red dot concepts award 2014 and has an honorable mention in the furniture category.

the valve secures the seat and legs together


the stool can be built seconds





from flat packed to fully functional; putting together the yodessa stool
video courtesy of tizumuka