‘flotilla’ by tom loeser at: mobilia gallery, massachusetts, USA from: september 2 – 30th, 2008

american designer tom loeser has designed ‘flotilla’ a new series of open sculptural shapes, exploring the flow of water with the concept of boat form. the series will be on display at the mobilia gallery. each sculpture is constructed from white oak using traditional boatbuilding techniques. loeser states that the series is meant to show bad concepts for boat design. the exhibition will also include a full sized functional boat, suspended from the ceiling that will be illuminated.

'flotilla' by tom loeser


'flotilla' by tom loeser ‘screw’'flotilla' by tom loeser ‘right’

'flotilla' by tom loeser ‘swim’

more: http://tomloeser.com http://www.mobilia-gallery.com

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