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foldable electric guitar for travel fits inside briefcase that has built-in speaker and amplifier

Tailored velvet briefcase with speaker and amplifier


Japanese handyman Yuji Shimano devises foldable electric guitars for traveling and creates a velvet-textured briefcase with a built-in speaker and amplifier to be their home. So far, there are two models available, one in yellow and the other one in creamy white. Yuji Shimano is a guitar player himself, and crafting these foldable electric guitars may stem from his personal experiences of having to lug around the often unwieldy musical instruments.


With his travel-ready design, the Japanese handyman hopes to make it easier for electric guitar fans to play music wherever they are just by bringing the briefcase that comes with the musical instrument. As seen in the video, the exterior of the briefcase resembles the ones used for traveling, but as soon as the instrumentalists open it up, the foldable electric guitar greets them alongside the velvet material wrapping around the entire surface of the interior.

foldable electric guitar briefcase
images and video stills by Yuji Shimano



Stretching out the foldable electric guitar


Touching on what is included inside the foldable electric guitars’ briefcase, Yuji Shimano carves dedicated space to a lengthy cord. It plugs the electric guitar into the built-in speaker and amplifier of the briefcase and can be connected using the slot on the side of the opulent-looking casing. Once the instrumentalists have set the cord up, it is time to unfold the electric guitar. Watching the video, the neck of the guitar is concealed behind its body, and stretching it out of its nook reveals loose guitar strings.


At the back of the foldable electric guitar, a lock with a hinge system expands the length of the instrument which tightens the strings to ready them for playing. A few strums here and there, and the electric guitar is ready to be played. The tuning machines are found on the side of the guitar, and once the instrumentalist is satisfied with the sound, they can get going with their performance and simply pack up and fold the instrument again when they are finished.

foldable electric guitar briefcase
the briefcase is clothed with velvet material


Yuji Shimano tests his foldable electric guitar

foldable electric guitar briefcase
the briefcase comes with built-in speaker and amplifier

foldable electric guitar briefcase
the foldable electric guitar has its tuning machines on the side of its body

foldable electric guitar briefcase
the electric guitar can be expanded using the lock behind the instrument’s body


Yuji Shimano’s foldable electric guitar that fits in a briefcase


project info:


name: Foldable electric guitar

design: Yuji Shimano

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