there is nothing as characteristic of taiwan as its flourishing night life; people overflow the streets wandering about markets, pausing here and there for a roadside snack or conversation. to compliment this thriving culture, taiwanese jr studio design, developed the ‘folk culture chair’. bent aluminum tubing forms the object, with an aluminum disk as a seat. 

folk culture chair by jr studio design pops in taiwan’s night markets
all images courtesy of jr studio design



the stool is very similar to traditional snack stall furnishings and easily integrates into the scene. brass distinguishes the front two legs and is paired with bright color options, giving the seat a pop almost as flavorful as the taiwanese cuisine you’ll be enjoying. the chair is part of the ‘folk culture series’ by jr studio design, which can be found on their site. 

traditional and contemporary

bright colors and brass end-caps are as flavorful as the cuisine

white and light blue ‘folk culture chairs’


in black

in the market



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