immersive ford favilla installation explores the science of light
images courtesy of ford




present throughout the 2015 milan design week, piazza san fedele hosts the ford ‘favilla, every light a voice’ installation which explores the movement of light, how it is seen by the eye and how it allows people to discover new forms. designed by architect attilio stocchi, the structure opens inside with two perception-altering large boxes, where a reflective show provides an immersive experience for the viewers. this highlights the automotive company’s dedication to innovation through design, and also with a lighting show manipulating the shape of the ford GT, their intentions are further shown. on display from april 14th – 19th 2015, ‘favilla’ which translates to ‘spark’ in italian, coincides with the international year of light and light-based technologies.

on the outside, a lighting display explores the shape of the ford GT




‘a successful design requires more than pleasing aesthetics – it needs to connect with consumers, speak to their aspirations and pleasantly surprise them,’ said moray callum, ford’s vice president of design. ‘this installation takes visitors through an unexpected discovery process that perfectly reflects ford’s philosophy that design is an emotional journey orchestrated around the customer’



the installation highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation through design





the animation of the ford GT light sculpture
video courtesy of ford europe


the changing form of the super car
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images © designboom


moray callum, ford’s vice president of design (left). architect attilio stocchi (right).
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a behind the scenes understanding of the favilla installation
video courtesy of ford europe


a close-up of the inside
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images © designboom