form us with love: form us with friends stockholm, sweden february 8th to march 12th, 2011

‘form us with friends’ by form us with love, stockholm, sweden (above) ‘fasett’ for westal images courtesy of form us with love

jonas pettersson, john löfgren and petrus palmér of swedish studio, form us with love are showcasing five new products for five different manufacturers at ‘form us with friends’, an exhibition in conjunction with stockholm design week 2011.

held in an old church in a hidden location, the exhibition focuses on the collaborative aspect  of each object, showing extensive process images, videos and prototypes.

form us with love: form us with friends ‘artisan’ for bolon + ‘hexagon’ for träullit

as part of swedish floor manufactuer bolon’s 2011 ‘artistan campaign’, form us with love designed a floor covering that measured 16 x 23 meters in total. composed out of 300 separate pieces, the design, which duplicates a photograph of a ballerina, looks to communicate the traditional handicraft in a contemporary way. the piece was assembled by six professional floorers over two days in an industrial warehouse where it was photographed, then dismantled.

‘hexagon’ developed alongside träullit uses the ubiquitous woodwool cement board as its only component. the collection of hexagonal disks, currently available in range of vibrant earthy tones, puzzle together to create custom and modular wall systems. the sound absorbing properties make the system ideal for both public and private applications.

form us with love: form us with friends ‘hood’ for ateljé lyktan

‘hood’ created in collaboration with swedish manufacturing company, ateljé lyktan, was originally designed for form us with love’s studio and is now undergoing further development and prototyping. the enlarged pendant light – made out of individual felt panels – acts as both a light source and a sound barrier. the modular felt shade can adapt to various environments, growing or shrinking in size as required.

form us with love: form us with friends ‘gottsunda’ for santa + cole

the ‘gottsunda’ bench was created for a municipality is uppsala, sweden. the bench will be a part of spanish brand, santa + cole’s furniture collection for public spaces.

form us with love: form us with friends overall view of exhibition

‘fasett’, created along with westal is a series of standing and wall mounted lamps that are ideal for both interior and exterior environments. the bent metal shades sit on top of a cylindrical base and are meant to feel both monumental and welcoming.