form us with love presents their I-X retrospective in stockholm
image © jonas lindström




stockholm-based design studio form us with love has hosted ‘I-X’, their first retrospective during stockholm design week at the konstakademien royal academy of the arts. the exhibit simultaneously showcases and celebrates their portfolio of projects during their earlier years to new work; achieved within the ten years since the design studio was formed in 2005.

a chronological order of pinned sheets of paper detailing the conversations, sketches and processes of projects
image © jonas lindström




a story unfolds through a series of large wooden panels displaying pinned pages of their ‘workbook’ and highlighting – in chronological order – their initial explorations and details of the concepts and processes behind their products. in adjacent, three rows form an organized selection of their notable and recognized pieces such as the ‘cord’ and ‘plug lamps‘, ‘tid watches’ and the ‘janinge chair’ – a collaboration with IKEA.

many of the studio’s products and designs have been exhibited 
image © jonas lindström




‘the designer’s role has changed a lot since 2006… back then with the strong economy, it was a time of design stars such as marcel wanders and mooi with their slightly crazy and conceptual ideas.’ co-founder jonas petterson tells designboom ‘then we come in with a minimalistic lamp (cord lamp) which gained some attention, but it was pretty far away from what other people were doing at that time.’

modular hood lamp for atelje lyktan 2013 / the three-piece modular function lets users adapt to any spatial
image © jonas lindström




founded by jonas pettersson, john lövgren and petrus palmér – who met as students at university – there are eight creatives making up one part of the growing, collaborative studio. 


with projects now expanding outside of sweden to an international level. FUWL’s products and spaces ultimately embodies a scandinavian aesthetic with a narrative element. this is coupled with the studio’s approach on combining traditional creative practices with a strategic application which has attracted recognition in the design industry. their response evolves with the needs of each project and adapts to the fast-pace market and changing needs of people.

plug lamp for ateljé lyktan, 2012 / the form references a typical garage lamp
image © jonas lindström




‘our dream at that time was to work with italian companies. during the years we realized we had to work closely with a specific company. this began our collaboration with swedish company mitab… this was our first project we were directly linked to the production in the factories. the designer’s role is not only about bringing a product, but fusing culture and industry.‘ – jonas pettersson

BAUX, 2011-16 / acoustic tiles made from wood wool – a mixture of spruce wood, water and cemen

janinge chairs for IKEA, 2014 / the stackable and versatile chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors 

the ten year retrospective was held at the royal academy of the arts in stockholm city
image © jonas lindström