form us with love and MDD introduce ‘new school’ collection


sometimes good furniture can be over-designed and over-engineered. as time goes by and new typologies are required, it becomes a challenge to expand the range of possibilities. with this in mind, international design studio form us with love has teamed up with furniture brand MDD to explore how to create a big range with time-tested techniques in steel, veneer, and linoleum. the collaborative project takes shape as the ‘new school’ furniture collection, featuring economical, durable, and versatile chair and table designs. 

new school with mdd designed by form us with love 7

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consistent aesthetics and intense colors


upon form us with love’s first trip to MDD, they saw an opportunity to build variety on the furniture brand’s strong rationale in steel. the designers were able to come up with a straightforward, but ultimately generous system of seating that is now expanded into a wide range of surfaces for the office, school, and home.


‘the new school collection was created out of nostalgia. form us with love design studio was inspired by the familiar form of a traditional school chair.’  MDD shares. the distinctive bent tube frame was a starting point for a series of modern chairs and modular tables. the series is ever-growing, easy to update, and make your own. the aesthetic is repeated in each item and they all share similar details, which makes the entire series consistent. common traits of all elements are their light metal bases, modern design, contemporary materials, and intense colors. thanks to that, individual furniture looks different and at the same time matches one another harmoniously.

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prioritizing comfort and functionality


new school chairs and tables are perfect solutions for kitchens, office canteens, and hospitality environments. available in two heights, they will suit various eating styles: common meals in a dining room or a restaurant, quick breakfast at a kitchen counter, and drinks at the bar. all pieces in the collection are easy to clean and comfortable, especially the plywood chairs and stools.


by choosing an actuator base, headrest and armrests, the chair becomes a functional seat for work, both at home and in the office. the latest addition to new school is a range of tables designed to fit a classroom, just as well as an aspirational coworking space, or home office. with a full range of colors and linoleum tops, architects and interior designers can make new school a part of any space they create.

new school with mdd designed by form us with love 2




project info:


name: new school
designer: form us with love
brand: MDD



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