fornasetti opens their newest store in milan’s fashion district and historical city center, displaying a unique and diverse vision through each individual room. the shop is housed within the neoclassical building that once hosted the young filippo tommaso marinetti – poet, writer, art theorist and founder of the futurist movement.

each room is dictated by a different color scheme and theme 



situated on three levels, the space can be explored room by room, each one highlighted by a different color scheme and theme. the store presents itself as a treasure chest, guiding the visitor through a visual display of classic details, images and bespoke items.

the face of operatic soprano lina cavalieri is presented throughout the interior



the walls display the many faces of operatic soprano lina cavalieri – a motif which has been repeated and transformed by fornasetti through various creative outlets. one area is defined by its polka-dot ceiling and illustrative furniture pieces, whilst a separate room stands in contrast, using a decorative ‘nuvole’ (clouds) print wallpaper and complimentary vintage objects.

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the fornasetti atelier regularly produces bespoke items with novel shapes and sizes and this tradition will now be offered in the new store, including expert advice tailored towards individual clients and specific interior design proposals. the opening of the shop presents a full immersion into the fornasetti archive, showcasing the company’s strong visual aesthetic that runs through all of their creative projects. 

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one room features a polka-dot ceiling with illustrative furniture pieces

a collection of drawings, pantings and objects are on display

the store presents itself as a treasure chest, guiding the visitor through a visual display of classic details

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barnaba fornasetti and birgit lohmann (designboom)

fornasetti store, corso venezia, 21/A (corner via senato) – 20121 milan