springtime chair – view of all the layers of springs

designer frank winnubst has concluded that the most comfortable chairs to sit in are usually those which have an upholstered construction involving springs. so, he researched various types of springs to develop a chair with optimum seating comfort, letting the function determine the form. through the process, his chair ‘springtime’ has became rather large and bulky in its cubic form. to ensure that the springs would not be hard and cold upon the user’s body, winnubst knit covers for the top layer of springs.

frank winnubst: springtime springtime chair

frank winnubst: springtime winnubst hand-knit covers for the top layer of springs so they wouldn’t feel hard and cold

frank winnubst: springtime detail of the hand-knit covers for the top layer of springs

frank winnubst: springtime the spring construction

frank winnubst: springtime designer frank winnubst demonstrating the comfort of the chair