JRDN 4 X PS4 by freakersneaks merges NIKE and sony on air jordan 4s
images courtesy of freakersneaks




the freakersneaks ‘JRDN 4 X PS4’ shoes combines the two giants; NIKE and sony, on classic jordan air 4 trainers. UK born artist jonny barry is the founder of the company that creates hand-painted, custom footwear. these sneakers are covered in the illustrious playstation colorway scheme and cleverly incorporates the PS4 logo onto the black silhouette – just above where the decorative USB ports are. only 10 pairs of the limited edition designs are available and are packaged in an exclusive box, along with an individual J HDMI cable, which acts as an easy to carry strap for toting your kicks.

front 3/4 view of the hand-painted shoes




the shoes feature decorative HDMI cable plug-ins on the heels

the unique box is dual branded to represent both NIKE jordan and sony playstation designs

the 10 available sneakers are hand-painted



[h/t] solecollector