the ‘dish of desire’ collection in full all images courtesy of frederik roijé

amsterdam-based design agency frederik roijé  presents ‘dish of desire’– a bird feeding system that creates a varied menu for neighboring aves. the collection is made from durable red cedar, porcelain, and aluminum materials in holland. the ‘dish of desire’ collection takes it’s form in either one feeding-platform with shelter, a two dish and sheltered system, a three-tiered feeder, or a five-plate contraption. the series is based on the notion of negating the lack of variation for bird menu in the winter time by means of humans providing for birds by hanging a piece from this collection with assorted nutrition near by. 

frederik roijé: dish of desire the five-plate bird feeder

frederik roijé: dish of desire two-plate piece with shelter

‘as the summer has come to an end and the cold winter days will arrive, we must not forget the birds.’ –frederik roijé


frederik roijé: dish of desire under-side view of the two-plate sheltered feeder system

frederik roijé: dish of desire one-plate and sheltered birdfeeder