the popular leya series from freifrau has a new sister and she’s more of the outdoor type. anything but a couch potato, the leyasol line is the first by freifrau to venture outside.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
the new leaysol furniture line from freifrau manufaktur works inside and out



leya is now allowed to go out – in the garden, or onto the terrace or balcony. freifrau has further developed its classic range, and with leyasol, the name of their new line, the furniture manufacturer is dipping a toe, or rather a chair leg, into the outdoor area for the first time.


the seating furniture in the leyasol line is particularly suitable for a variety of uses, being, as it is, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. with it, freifrau taps into the zeitgeist of conscious and sustainable consumption. today, many people prefer to own few, but high-quality, timeless pieces of furniture to which no fixed place is ascribed. favourite pieces, which in the best case can also be used flexibly. with leyasol this is possible.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
the wire frame picks up the striking shell shape of the well-known leya line, while the soft cushions offer comfortable seating



freifrau, founded in 2012 by hansjörg helweg in lemgo, is one of the younger manufacturers to have attracted attention in recent years. their seating furniture is characterized in particular by an elegant casualness and is incredibly comfortable. to achieve this, the company relies on cooperation with renowned designers as well as newcomers and close collaboration with small craft businesses. the results are unique, high-quality and durable pieces.



the design appeal is sometimes influenced by the signature of designer birgit hoffmann, who together with christoph kahleyss also designed the successful leya line. this line quickly established itself as a classic and has been supplemented with new models, such as the rocking chair and swing seat, over the years. and now leyasol, leya’s little sister you might say, is the newest addition to the growing family.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
leyasol was designed for outdoor use but thanks to their soft shape, these pieces from freifrau manufaktur also cut a fine figure indoors



a demand for the right kind of outdoor seating furniture existed, as did the desire to make leya suitable for outdoor use, so an attempt was initially made to redesign the characteristic leya seat shell as a weatherproof version. this, however, was quickly rejected.


in close cooperation with experienced craftsmen, the idea was finally born to recreate the classical shape of the shell as a wire frame. it is the ‘core of the design’, as the designers say, ‘which on the one hand gives the ‘outdoor feeling’, but on the other hand, in combination with the casual cushions, gives it its independent indoor aesthetic’.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection


swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
softly swinging – with the leyasol swing seat from freifrau manufaktur



the soft seat cushions provide the necessary comfort. they are filled with a special artificial down which is non-absorbent and dries quickly – for which purpose there are removable covers. they are breathable and rainproof, but do not have the typical feel of an outdoor fabric cover. instead, the surface of the cushions feels soft and cosy, and let you sink comfortably into the chair.


this soft form may seem unusual for outdoor furniture, but that is exactly what makes it so special. in this way, the furniture also fits into the living or dining area and does not seem out of place. they can also be combined wonderfully with other models from the leya series. and quite apart from that, leyasol is just far too beautiful and cosy to disappear into the garden shed or cellar over the winter.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
practical and beautiful at the same time: the removable covers of the leyasol line are breathable and rainproof


the idea of the different possible uses and combinations fits the current trend towards smaller apartments and rooms that can be used flexibly. well thought-out floor plans can also convey a feeling of spaciousness in such spaces, and equipped with the right, high-quality furniture that has a certain versatility, such room concepts find their ideal implementation.


as with leya, leyasol not only allows you to sit, but also to swing and rock, because in addition to the classic leyasol chair, the outdoor family also includes the swing seat and rocking chair as well as the lounge, wingback and bar chair variants.

swinging and rocking outdoors with freifrau leyasol seating collection
nice and casual: the leyasol rocking chair in leather by freifrau manufaktur


with leya, the designers wanted to create a chair that is ‘very soft and casual in its shape’. they have achieved this once again with leyasol, whose models are light and filigree, yet soft and cosy at the same time – inside and out.



guest feature by katharina sommer / architonic