freitag reference ‘fake snake’ bags image © designboom

swiss company freitag (brothers markus and daniel freitag) best known for their bags made from truck tarpaulins, has a new line called freitag reference. still utilizing the heavy duty tarps as their source material, this new series is presented in seasonal collections one of which is ‘fake snake’, a limited edition of hand bags that  emulates the look and texture of snake skin. 

freitag reference at 10 corso como detail of the small pieces of colored pieces image © designboom

‘fake snake’ is available in two models. made from small colored pieces of recycled material these are assembled by hand in about six hours. the ‘fake snake’ collection has been realized for 10 corso como.

freitag reference at 10 corso como ‘fake snake’ on show at the 10 corso como gallery image © designboom

freitag reference at 10 corso como freitag reference collection image courtesy of freitag

the general freitag reference collection and ‘fake snake’ are currently on show at milan’s 10 corso como shop gallery. alongside the company’s ‘roadkill project’.

freitag reference at 10 corso como freitag ‘roadkill project’ image courtesy of freitag

the freitag ‘roadkill project’ references the numerous animals that have probably been killed by the trucks in which the company gets their used tarpaulins:

‘the trucks we skin to create freitag bags and accessories are responsible for the passing of countless innocent animals. ‘freitag roadkill’ pays tribute to the lives of these anonymous traffic victims, resurrecting them as indestructible tarpaulins. get revenge! chose one of the tarp frazzles showing the outlines of overrun animals. fold your personal roadkill and weld it. attach it to your bag.’

freitag reference at 10 corso como dealing with the ‘roadkill’ image courtesy of freitag