update 29/08/2018: williams has responded to the recent ban on her french open attire by competing at the U.S. open wearing a custom-designed tutu by louis vuitton designer virgil abloh and NIKE in her match against magda linette. the tutu was accompanied by a pair of black fishnet stockings to help with her blood clots and silver sneakers with ‘serena’ branding on the outer sole provided by NIKE.

serena williams responds to catsuit ban by competing in a virgil abloh tutu

photo courtesy of @tonilove



the black panther-inspired bodysuit debuted by serena williams at the french open this year has been banned from future tournaments. the tennis champion wore the one piece nine months after giving birth to her daughter, designed by sportswear brand NIKE to prevent blood clots following complications during the pregnancy.


president of the french open, bernard giudicelli, noted stricter rules when it came to tennis dress code in an interview with tennis magazine.I think that sometimes we’ve gone too far’, he said before commenting on williams’ suit, ‘it will no longer be accepted. one must respect the game and the place.‘ whether or not the traditionally white-skirt world of tennis will be deemed the only acceptable form of dress is yet to be officially outlined.




the interview provoked a response from NIKE referencing williams’ previous comments on the suit. the company tweeted an image of the tennis legend with the caption, ‘you can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpowers.