19 taiwanese designers to exhibit works at maison et objet 2014
‘bamboo concentric chair’ by drii design
photo © drii design



for the fall 2014 maison et objet in paris, an exhibition called ‘fresh taiwan’ will feature the works of 19 designers and brands from the republic of china. under the influence of europe, china, japan, and the united states, taiwan has developed into a ‘hybrid’ island. with the passing of time, the country’s creativity has also adapted and transformed. its many craftsmen now specialize in bamboo, ceramics, glass, lacquer and woodcrafts. thus, their products have a strong presence of hand-made texture that reflects traditional oriental culture with a philosophy that fits contemporary lifestyles. within the collection curated by taiwan design center, objects such as furniture, lamps, and pieces of art are meant to display this ethos and help the world accept taiwan’s creators as actors in the realm of design.


the ‘bamboo concentric chair’ by drii design featured above uses multilayer laminated technology to represent patterns seen through japanese rock garden landscapes. expanding off of the analogy, the construct features dizzying spirals that radiate out from a focal point located at three intersections negotiated by the arms, rails and seats. this not only plays out the characteristics of bamboo, but also breaks the traditional methods of using the material as it becomes highly stylized.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘scene hanger’ by drii design
photo © drii design





the concept of ‘scene hanger’ by drii design is to replicate the natural elements that compose a landscape. the wood is bent into undulating mountainous shapes, the concentric laminated bamboo ripples like the surface of water, and the mirror rises as the sun and the moon. this set organizes articles of clothing, pieces of jewelry, and sets of footwear while decorating the surface of a wall.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘leaning’ by meta design
photo © meta design




meta design‘s ‘leaning’ project is a LED desk lamp constructed from walnut, white oak, and bamboo. the linear light source is supported by two thin legs that are meant to exert force against a wall in order to stand up properly. its brightness operates as a form of wall washing that offers comfortable atmospheres for reading, working, and playing.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘the new old light’ by kimu design
photo © kimu design




‘the new old light’ by kimu design aims to fuse opposing states of being within one lighting fixture. therefore, the lamp’s aesthetic has been abstracted from the intent to narrow the distance between reality and dreaming. by using the flat border to emulate the traditional appearance of lanterns, the creation floats within the confines of the quadrant as it is stabilized by a circular base.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘tangram city’ by 22 design studio
photo © 22 design studio




‘tangram city’ is a microcosmic sculpture series by 22 design studio. the collective has created the small scale city plan due to their appreciation for contemporary architecture and urban environments. once this interpretation was applied to the shapes of the classic chinese tangram puzzles, they soon realized that this allows users envision their own miniature metropolis. the profoundness of the product dawns on the viewer as they quickly realize the thousands of variations and ponder the would-be effects on a society’s atmosphere.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘tin&wood containers’ by woo collective
photo © woo collective




‘tin&wood containers’ by woo collective are handmade capsules decorated with white ash. as opposed to using common procedures for their creation, the designers used both past and present systems of 3D printing technology and traditional tin crafting.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘vase waltz’ by zan design
photo © zan design




zan design‘s ‘vase waltz’ is an assortment of conical vases that mimic the spinning motions of dancers. for the jars, an enamel of melted and fused glass power smoothly coats the copper as it expands and tapers to create the overall form. this action is topped by a highlighted rim of shimmering colors that contrast the brushed alloy.

fresh taiwan 2014 maison et objet
‘random’ by studio if
photo © studio if




‘random’ by studio if is an object that forces users to interact with its mechanisms. two strings capped by cylindrical handles must be pulled downwards into order to light up the bulbs. this begins a sequence where each sphere illuminates in random order.



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