A LIFE with Future Computing (a design competition to create new lifestyle from next-generation computing) japanese company Fujitsu will work with designboom to hold an international industrial design competition. everyone is eligible to enter the competition, from professionals to students, who are involved with, or are interested in, design. participation in groups is also accepted. free registration required.



01 – the subject of the international competition is

A LIFE with Future Computing

with the spread of ICT, the ability for people to make diverse connections via networks with other people in all daily life situations have increased, through a variety of devices such as PCs and smart phones. as a provider of ICT products and services, Fujitsu strives to create a new society that contributes to people’s everyday lives. our aim is to make computing technology a familiar part of people’s life so that it may be used conveniently by as many people as possible. this competition is held to make the future lifestyle of people richer and even more fun, and to give a concrete shape to the future as Fujitsu sees it by promoting the use of the ever-changing technology and dramatically expanding the possibilities of our services. 

the award is composed of two categories: – the LIFEBOOK category which studies what PCs will be like in 2013, the near future, and – the LIFE-DESIGN category which studies what ICT computing will be like (including service concepts) ten years from now in 2020.

we sincerely look forward to receiving your proposals of attractive designs that create new relationships between individuals and people as well as those between people and their device.

LIFEBOOK category we will solicit new LIFEBOOK* product designs targeted for 2013. applicants are reminded to think about possible situations where the PC may be used and to express the ideal next-generation computing device of the future as you see it. the requirements are that it is a mobile device that can be carried around and that it can be operated through a network using computing technologies. * LIFEBOOK is Fujitsu’s laptop PC series with the concept of Life Partner: – ‘Always standing by your LIFE.’ LIFEBOOK’s brand concept: the four values innovation: Innovation: That it is innovative Reliability: That it is highly reliable Human Centric: That the design focuses on the user Green: That it is friendly to the environment.

LIFE-DESIGN category applicants are requested to design and propose a new lifestyle for 2020 that makes use of network-accessing computing technologies, and anticipates all usage situations such as inside the home and while going out.   we will accept applications for new service concepts** that will enrich our daily lives even further, as well as designs of next-generation computing based on such service concepts. ** what is a service concept? it illustrates how people’s lives can be enriched through the offering of services using ICT. what sort of services will be offered to whom? when, where, and for what purpose are such services used? will the services provide new value such as convenience, experiences, and/or moving emotions? there is no need to follow a business model (business incomes and expenditures) when considering the content of the services.

02 – awards grand prize:    €30,000 euro for 1 work runner-up prize:    €10,000 euro for 2 works (one selection for each category) judges’ special awards:     €1,000 for 7 works

03 – the jury is composed of nobuo otani, corporate senior vice resident Fujitsu, JAPAN, kimitaka kato,  Fujitsu design president, JAPAN, ross lovegrove, designer, UK, ma yansong, MAD architects, architect, CHINA, gwenael nicolas, curiosity, architect, JAPAN, toshiyuki inoko, IT Innovator, JAPAN, birgit lohmann, chief editor of designboom.see the official site for the profile of the judges. official website

— 04 – design criteria LIFEBOOK Category is the design focusing on the user (human-centered design)? does it have sufficient novelty and appeal as a product design? has feasibility been considered? LIFE-DESIGN Category are the profiles of the target users and the proposal regarding the design’s convenience and new experiences clear and attractive? does it have sufficient novelty and appeal as a product design? has feasibility of the new services been considered?

it is important that you keep your design(s) confidential until the results of the competition are published.

05 – registration deadline application registration will be accepted through january 31, 2011.

06 – registration registrations are open now, please fill in the form. teams register with one name only. – when submitting works you should add all team member’s names.

registrations are closed

07 – submit your entry / entries

if you are entering more than one work, please submit each work separately1. up to 3 files for uploading to designboom (images or a composition of more images) of your project. to upload your images please note: use only .gif, .jpeg, (72 dpi) max 150 kb each file, RGB color mode. image size width: 600 pixels. max image size height: max 800 pixels. video clips: we accept flv or swf files only. file size: 640 pixels x 480 pixels – max 10MB.

the entry submitted is a low-res version of your original work. these original high-resolution image(s) and additional text will be requested only if your work is shortlisted.

2. explanation of ideas a brief description of your work that includes the target users and value that the suggested product and service can provide to the users.(english text only, explanation is expected to be very concise, max 80 words) will be requested to accept the competition guidelines submitted work must be original work by the applicant himself/herself that has never been released either in japan or overseas. until the results of this award are announced, applicants are prohibited from entering the work in any other contests, or for publication elsewhere. entries that have violated the above conditions, or entries to which any of the following applies, shall be excluded from the list of entries to be screened. furthermore, even after the award winners have been announced, the award may be cancelled if it is revealed that any of the following applies to the winning work. – works whose design is identical to, or closely resembles, designs that have already been released (including works that are identical to, or similar to, works developed by Fujitsu Limited) – works that have been entered in other contests, etc., in the past – works that are offensive to public order and morals, or works whose aim is defamation or profit-making -works that infringe the intellectual property rights or right to confidentiality of a third party (including cases where the infringement had occurred after the application was made). even if a third party claims infringement of rights or demands compensation for damage, etc., with regard to the submitted work, Fujitsu Limited and Fuji Design Ltd. shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.

submission are closed

08 – deadline for submission of entries works can be submitted through january 31, 2011. note: design data submitted cannot be returned.

09 – announcement of the results results will be announced in end of may 2011

10 – intellectual property rights any moral and paternity right regarding the project sent in for submission is the designer’s property. however, by submitting a design in the competition, the participant agrees to provide FUJITSU LIMITED with the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the design. this option is valid for 6 months after the end of the competition. in the event that FUJITSU LIMITED exercises the option to use the rights for production on an exclusive basis and sine die (without time limitations), FUJITSU LIMITED will make an agreement with the participant on usual royalties conditions for the transfer of intellectual property rights. and, by participating in the competition, all participants authorise designboom, FUJITSU LIMITED and FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED to publish and exhibit all the designs (including project data submitted) – waiving compensation – at exhibitions and events and/or to use them in any publications and communications that designboom, FUJITSU LIMITED and FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED may deem suitable and/or necessary. in any cases, each time the creation is used, they must refer to the competition they originate from. designboom, FUJITSU LIMITED and FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED will credit the designer’s name to properly attribute authorship of work to promote the author adequately. FUJITSU LIMITED will have the right to apply minor change amendments without damaging the integrity of the artwork – e.g. add the FUJITSU logo and text, reframing, translation, changing colors, cutting the background or parts of it, etc… in case designboom, FUJITSU LIMITED and / or FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED want to bring major changes to the submitted artwork for publication, designboom, FUJITSU LIMITED and / or FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED will contact the designer and inform him/her about the use to obtain the designer’s consent.

11 – questions? inquiries to [email protected] make sure to write ‘FDA2011’ in the subject line.

12 – FUJITSU DESIGN AWARD 2011 official website this site features messages from the panel of judges, and introduces Fujitsu’s views on their service designs, among other content. potential applicants are strongly advised to browse the site prior to making their applications.