product designer fumie shibata has developed a paper lid for your paper coffee cup. designed to reduce plastic waste, this paper cover doesn’t come off easily and provides the minimal functionality required to carry a drink.

this take-out cup lid by fumie shibata replaces the plastic one with paper



it’s said that our sense of taste is largely influenced by smell and that if you want to truly savor the aroma and taste of coffee, you shouldn’t put a lid on your cup. dubbed stacking paper lid and designed by fumie shibata, this lid is envisioned primarily to prevent spillage when carrying coffee, on the assumption that you will remove the lid when you drink the coffee in order to savor its aroma. for those who prefer to drink with the lid on, there’s another version with a spout. this one has been designed to allow you to detect subtleties of flavor and the feel of coffee on your tongue. but still, it’s recommended taking off the lid when it’s not required.

this take-out cup lid by fumie shibata replaces the plastic one with paper



the stacking paper lid is being tested at different events in tokyo’s kanda area and it has already been implemented in dean & deluca take-away coffee cups. the restaurant, which used to use plastic lids, says that they worried about the fact that users had to separate the pieces when throwing them away, increasing the amount of garbage that can’t be recycled. ‘since the cup and the lid are made of the same material, there is no need to separate them,’ comments dean & deluca. ‘in addition, the lid fits snugly and is easy to carry.’

this take-out cup lid by fumie shibata replaces the plastic one with paper



to address the waste issue and take a first step towards resolving it, specialist paper merchant takeo, paper cup manufacturer dixie japan, and glitch coffee & roasters in the jimbocho district of tokyo, where it serves as a leader of the third wave coffee scene, joined forces to create a solution based on fumie shibata’s work through a natural, organic process of consultation and discussion between manufacturing and service sectors. ‘we realize that the stacking paper lid is not the only answer for reducing environmental impact. we believe that the real answer to protecting the environment is for people throughout the world to use this initiative as an inspiration for coming up with and implementing the next idea.’



project info:


name: stacking paper lid

designer: fumie shibata