set on a forest pavilion in croatia, furniture manufacturing company prostoria, in collaboration with designers numen/for use and simon morasi piperčić, has introduced the ‘revisiting analogue’ project. with architecture events all over the world being cancelled due to the COVID-19 and the digital world taking over, ‘revisiting analogue’ addresses the growing nostalgia for an analogue experience, through a diverse furniture design showcase.  

revisiting analogue by prostoria 1

layout sofa, design by numen/for use

all images by doris fatur & petar santini



articulated through orthogonal ‘islands’ of man-made forms set in a strict grid, the pavilion contrasts with the scattered array of trees and bushes. this dialogue between geometry, nature and people provides a surreal setting for experiencing prostoria’s top artifacts. some of these include the polygon and oblique armchairs (both indoor & outdoor), modular sofas layout and absent, strain chair collection, piun chairs, osmo outdoor chairs and leg-end, the newest armchair that transforms into a chaise lounge.

revisiting analogue by prostoria 2
kontrapunkt armchair/chaise longue, design by neisako



the pavilion’s volume is emphasized by the functional clustering of the furniture, as if each island is its own home with transparent walls and roof. the forest pavilion was conceived around inversed digitalism; it has a digital flair but is analogue in its process and materials. the pavilion and event for the croatian design-architecture community have also served as the set for prostoria’s film by rene gallo.





the film addresses humanity’s nostalgia for materiality and nature due to the constant shifts between analogue and digital, a kind of augmented reality in which the digital has impregnated our lives more than ever during the recent lockdown. ‘revisiting analogue’ is prostoria’s attempt to digitally share the experience of materiality, through the forest room and products that embody nature-based materials and design. all of this has a grounding effect and evokes inner comfort and stability. 

revisiting analogue by prostoria 3
strain chairs collection, design by simon morasi piperčić

revisiting analogue by prostoria 4
polygon easy chair, design by numen/for use

revisiting analogue by prostoria 5
absent sofa, design by numen/for use

revisiting analogue by prostoria 6
piun chair and monk bench & table, design by grupa

revisiting analogue by prostoria 7
pavilion design by numen/for use and simon morasi piperčić

revisiting analogue by prostoria 8
bavul sofabed, design by lea aviani

revisiting analogue by prostoria 9
revisiting analogue event

revisiting analogue by prostoria 10

revisiting analogue by prostoria 11

revisiting analogue by prostoria 12




project info:


name: revisiting analogue by prostoria
designer: numen/for use and simon morasi piperčić




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom