l: homemade by tattoo artist m. oeserr: eames rocker by tattoo nick baxter


hardcore tattoos – only for ‘bad boy’ tattoo enthusiasts !


from africa to asia and from the americas to oceania, ancient societies have decorated and altered their bodies in initiation rites, as preparation for war, for family rituals, and as social and cultural identification. despite a difference in context, the core reasons are not so different today:- identification with a group or highlighting individuality, and this is appealing to all ages and backgrounds- cementing relationships, rebellion and provocation,- or simply being fashionable.


‘I wanted something that made me look different’, peoples ideas about what looks cool changes as their lives progress… and with the commodification of subculture into the mainstream – it seems that for many people tattoos are just one more status symbol to buy.


these chosen images of ’tribal’ belonging have little in common with provocation or mainstream fashion statements. is the weirdness-quotient of being tattooed waning? why chairs?


furniture design tattooswork by tattoo artist nick baxter