‘big jambox’ by fuseproject for jawbone

in collaboration with mobile electronics producers jawbone, switzerland-born designer yves béhar’s san francisco-based design studio fuseproject has just released ‘big jambox‘, a larger and updated model of their 2010 wireless ‘jambox’ speaker (first covered by designboom in ‘fuseproject: jambox for jawbone‘) with longer battery life and fuller fidelity sound.

like its predecessor, the device wirelessly connects to any bluetooth-enabled device, capable of syncing with multiple devices. volume and track navigation can also be controlled via buttons along the top of the speaker. a newly designed omnidirectional microphone lets the device also be used as a speakerphone. jawbone’s ‘liveaudio’ technology for surround-sound-like listening, and the mytalk software for updates and the customization of the caller ID voice of the speaker or programming of special button functionality, integrate with the unit to provide continual functionality over time.

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone 3/4 front view

a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 15 hours of continuous playback and 500 hours of standby time per each charge.

‘big jambox’ weighs 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg) each of three models features both a different colour and different graphical pattern: ‘red dot’, ‘white wave’, and ‘graphite hex’. the new device in additional to being larger than the original ‘jambox’ features additional control buttons, comprising in total play, pause, track skipping, and volume.

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone additional perspective

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone front

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone ‘unskinning’ of the speaker

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone detail on top control panel, with expanded functionality compared to the original ‘jambox’

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone concept sketches and construction diagrams

fuseproject: big jambox for jawbone ‘big jambox’ is produced in ‘red dot’, ‘white wave’, and ‘graphite hex’