‘jambox’ by fuseproject for jawbone

yves béhar’s studio fuseproject has designed in collaboration with san francisco-based personal mobile manufacturer jawbone the world’s first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone. ‘jambox’ is a palm-sized product that can connect to a wide range of devices including mobile phones, computers, tablets, ipods and bluetooth gadgets, allowing users to seamlessly stream and share music and audio.

‘jambox’ features two powerful acoustic drivers and an innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator to deliver a wide spectrum of frequencies. the device can be updated with apps and new softwares through jawbone’s industry-first online platform, mytalk, to evolve and get smarter with time.

the stainless steel construction and industrial-weight molded rubber casing offers a sturdy body, allowing users complete portable freedom. all four sides are wrapped in a single grill to cut down on moving parts as well as to leave the speakers fully exposed, resulting in a richer audio output.

fuseproject: jambox for jawbone

fuseproject: jambox for jawbone four different colour options

fuseproject: jambox for jawbone packaging