design studio, FMSG (future mobility solution group), propose their ‘docking-house‘ project, which suggest how we will live in the future. the idea looks at the challenges faced by dense urban environments by offering a smart mobility housing service that offers a life of flexibility for those who want to embrace various lifestyles while saving time, space, and energy in an eco-friendly way.

FMSG envisions 'docking-house' mobile units for future living

all images courtesy of FMSG



the project addresses the issues faced by residents in megacities such as seoul and tokyo. as people are looking for more enjoyable lives at home, however, not everyone can afford that lifestyle due to exorbitant real estate prices. the ‘docking-house’ therefore breaks with the traditional notion of a ‘fixed’ abode, by presenting a series of mobile houses that can be used only when needed. the docking-house is a moving lifestyle service platform that can be combined with the user’s existing house, functioning as an extension so that users are able to enjoy more flexibility on demand. the project offers various types, ranging from professional cooking studios to curated retail stores.

FMSG envisions 'docking-house' mobile units for future living



the concept also offers a new way to extend the user’s time, especially for those who may appreciate saving time particularly more than others, such as travellers or commuters. for example, docking-house can connect seamlessly at the traveller’s destination as soon as they arrive at the airport, or can provide mobile offices for professionals who lack time. the design can save and generate electricity as uses an electric vehicle battery platform. this allows docking-house to not only be eco-friendly but also be used as an energy provider during disasters due to its mobility. additionally, its ability to transform into various types allows for construction of temporary buildings in community regions.

FMSG envisions 'docking-house' mobile units for future living

FMSG envisions 'docking-house' mobile units for future living FMSG envisions 'docking-house' mobile units for future living



project info:


project name: ‘docking-house’ 

design: FMSG (future mobility solution group)

design team: bora yoo, chisung kim, jeongche yoon, bitna baek