l: ‘movimento e spazio’ by vinicio paladini, 1928 r: ‘bozzetto di vestito da bagno da donna’ by marlo dal monte, 1928

the italian sports shoe museum and marco mancin have collaborated to publish a new book on sports themes in the futurist movement. ‘futurism & sport design’ features 460 illustrations of futurist art along with both modern and contemporary examples of futurism inspired sport design.

futurism was the first cultural and artistic movement of the twentieth century to examine the emerging phenomenon of sport. although they were dealing with sport themes in an artistic way, the futurist have had an untold influence on the aesthetics of sport ever since. this influence can still be seen today in fashion, design and graphics. the book aims to understand the pioneering and radical contribution that this movement brought to creativity in sport design.

futurism & sport design l: ‘bozzetto del costume-maschera per motolampade’ by fortunato depero, 1929 c: ski overalls by robe di kappa, 2002 r: ski boot by atomic, 2004

futurism & sport design l: ‘volo librato (prospettive in volo)’ (detail) by fedele azari, 1926 r: lotto logo

futurism & sport design l: ‘linee-forza del pugno di boccioni’ by giacomo balla, 1915 c: cagiva logo r: technica logo

futurism & sport design l: ‘numeri innamorati’ (detail) by giacomo balla, 1920 r: ski boot by dynafit, 1991-1992