gary hustwit to direct first feature documentary on dieter rams
portrait by gary hustwit




filmmaker gary hustwit, known for his design trilogy ‘helvetica’, ‘urbanized’ and ‘objectified’, plans to create a full-feature documentary about the legendary german designer dieter rams. a 30-day kickstarter campaign has been launched to help raise funds for the production of the film as well as help preserve rams’ archive for future generations.


campaign video to help fund the documentary




gary hustwit has been granted unprecedented and exclusive access to rams, long known as a private person. the documentary will include in-depth conversations with the designer and detail the process behind some of his most iconic products.

rams in the vitsoe showroom, frankfurt




‘this film is an opportunity to celebrate a designer whose work continues to impact us, and preserve an important piece of design history,’ says gary hustwit. ‘I’m also interested in exploring the role that manufactured objects play in our lives, and by extension the relationship we have with the people who design them.’

dieter rams at work at braun, circa 1970s




‘we hope to dig deeper into rams’ untold story – to try and understand a man of contradictions by design,’ continues hustwit. ‘I want the film get past the legend of dieter. I want it to get into his philosophy, process, inspirations, and even his regrets.’

dieter rams with mark adams of vitsoe in london 2015

gary hustwit’s documentary poster