geochanvre is a french industrial company using sustainable development with zero-waste industrialized production of natural, biodegradable, and biocompostable geotextiles for planting, and packaging. following the COVID-19 pandemic, the company saw that their compostable material could also be used as a safe filter for masks. mobilized to respond to the health emergency, geochanvre has put its know-how as a producer of vegetable felt at the service of the protection of people.

the geochanvre mask is a bio-compostable mask in natural hemp fibers
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geochanvre states that they have created the first ecological and ethical consumer mask. designed and produced in france, the mask is biocompostable, composed of a 100% vegetable filtering felt in natural french hemp fibers, with performance controlled by the DGA, conform to the UNS 2 category, and sold ready-to-use or as a kit depending on your needs.

the geochanvre mask is a bio-compostable mask in natural hemp fibers



advantages of the geochanvre mask include 89% filtration efficiency level at 3 μm particles, air permeability of 459 liters / m2 / sec for depression of 100 Pa, and a natural, local compostable product. the single-use mask features filtering felt hemp without glue, additives or treatment, lined with a dark protective veil in compostable cornstarch. the elastic band used to fix the mask on your face is also recyclable.


regarding price, the geochanvre mask is completely on the norm of bio-compostable masks costing less than one euro each. you can order from 50 to 250 to 400 masks, where the box of 50 is sold for only €34.29. they can also be customized and have your logo on the front.




project info:


name: geochanvre mask

made with: natural fibers, hemp

made in: france