building a geodesic dome just got a whole lot easier thanks to hubs
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building a dome is a semi-complicated pursuit typically reserved for technically-apt. aside from their difficulty, most look a bit cold, unfriendly, and also very out of place in the natural environment. ‘hubs’ bridges the gap, and provides a way for children, home-builders, and whoever else to create their own, mathematically-accurate structure. chris jordan and mike paisley — the creators of ‘hubs’ — started developing the product over three years ago.

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prototype 6-way hub, SLS 3D printed




the team was in the process of building a dome, and like any true do-it-yourselfers, were doing so as cheaply and unprepared as possible. well, eventually they finished, but in the end thought, ‘surely, couldn’t this be a lot easier?’ dozens of iterations later, the first prototype of ‘hubs’ was born using a solidoodle 3D printer back in 2012. eventually, with help from johnathan rowley at london’s digits2widgets, they possessed a nearly finished form and were one step closer to being ready for production.


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‘hubs’ concept is simple, and for anyone who grew up with k’nex, pretty familiar. the small, modular object acts as a connection point for a series of five/six rods. working like any ball joint, the ball piece screws into a piece of lumber, and then pops directly into the main hub. from there, it’s merely repetition. raising a basic structure takes about 10-15 minutes — with all materials on hand — and for the less technical; a semi-guided team of two boys built one fully within half an hour.

‘hubs’ dome 




compatibility with any type of wood results in a finished dome that looks natural, and much more complementary to garden spaces than a metal or plastic option. it also allows for easy altering. simply cut or find a larger piece of wood, and the dome can adjust to any size needed. to gather funds for injection-moulding, ‘hubs’ was launched on kickstarter. now, just over a week later, the project has surpassed its goal by over £4,000GBP. for more information, or to get in on kickstarter pricing, check out the campaign here

construction is simple and quick 

a dome can be fully built in anywhere from ten to 30 minutes 


garden space 

with netting for enclosed mini-farm

building a geodesic dome just got a whole lot easier thanks to hubs
connector prototype detail 

‘hubs mini’ uses plastic straws for miniature mock ups or class room use 

‘hubs mini’ dome 

building a geodesic dome just got a whole lot easier thanks to hubs
possible uses 

the builder determines the size of the dome: flexible angles allow the structure to be adapted 

geodesic dome hubs kickstarter designboom
‘hubs’ makes building a dome simple and economical 





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