‘pagecues’ in use

‘pagecues’ by angela and mark gilbert of london design studio gilbert13 are sets of 10 bookmarks which are available in three themes: woodland, architecture and wildlife. made from sustainably sourced card, pagecues simply slide onto the pages of your books and magazines, making visual references to highlight things of interest. each pagecue within the sets of 10 have a different graphic image which relates back to the grouping’s central theme.

gilbert13: pagecues ‘pagecues’ – parklife

when used as a collection, a landscape is cultivated along the tops of your reading material, adding visual interest to an otherwise ‘barren scene’. users simply detach pagecues from the cardboard presentation, which also acts as packaging for the product. they can be used multiple times and once worn, can easily be recycled. gilbert13: pagecues

the project was conceived from the annoyance of using scraps of paper and post-its to highlight pages, making magazines look like a mess. in this computer age, we are more used to book marking and documenting information using tabs and a graphical interface. angela and mark used this familiarity as a starting point to produce visual anchors for the bookshelf.

gilbert13: pagecues the markers can easily be reused and recycled gilbert13: pagecues detail

gilbert13: pagecues

gilbert13: pagecues ‘pagecues’ – parklife set

gilbert13: pagecues the ‘pagecues’ cardboard presentation also acts as packaging

gilbert13: pagecues

gilbert13: pagecues ‘pagecues’ – woodland set

gilbert13: pagecues the woodland set includes graphics of wildlife, flora and fauna…

gilbert13: pagecues bookmarks from the ‘pagecues’ – architecture set

gilbert13: pagecues ‘pagecues’ – architecture set

gilbert13: pagecues ‘pagecues’ – all three sets