giorgio armani designs stately 72-meter admiral megayacht with luxurious amenities

giorgio armani designs stately 72-meter admiral megayacht with luxurious amenities

Giorgio armani with the italian sea group


Luxury on the sea might be on Giorgio Armani’s mind when he designs the opulent 72-meter Admiral superyacht for The Italian Sea Group whose interior design was unveiled on February 11th during an evening gathering at Marina di Carrara, the headquarters of the yacht production. Giorgio Armani and The Italian Sea Group first announced their collaboration on March 30th, 2021, and fast-forward to 2023, the design and construction of the 72-meter Admiral motor yacht are looking at a 2024 release date.

giorgio armani megayacht
images courtesy of Armani | header image courtesy of The Italian Sea Group



Conceived under the Admiral family of The Sea Italian Group, Giorgio Armani’s megayacht blends the exquisite aspects of the nautical and fashion worlds. Gold accents underline the earthy tones of the yacht’s interior with their subtle addition to the already grand fixtures and design elements that come from Armani/Casa. Flimsy curtains peek through the sea’s view with their translucent material, dividing the spaces without entirely closing them off one another.


Large, rectangular sofas with a myriad of throw pillows invite yacht-goers to recline and laze about while sipping cocktails. There also seems to be a dedicated, modest dining space beside the communal area should the guests prefer a more intimate setting. Here, plush beige-colored armchairs replace usual dining chairs to harmoniously flow with the atmosphere’s intended design. Divisions are paneled through moveable pieces rather than opting for irreversible ones.

giorgio armani megayacht
Giorgio Armani’s megayacht with The Italian Sea Group is looking at a 2024 release date



72-meter admiral megayacht with opulent design


Stepping outside the megayacht that Giorgio Armani has designed for Admiral and The Italian Sea Group, guests can easily enjoy the shifting landscapes of the sea and horizon as L-shaped seating areas greet them from the get-go. In the evening, a romantic feel comes through as lamps planted in corners and around the wood-planked deck emit a soft glow. Whether it is for a casual meeting or an all-out party, the megayacht’s deck is a must-stay space for those who enjoy watching the movement of the watercraft or just being out in the open.

giorgio armani megayacht
soft, earthy palettes run through the stately design elements



The full specs of the megayacht will soon be revealed, but as seen in the photos that the duo has shared, the megayacht enjoys a number of luxurious amenities such as an upper deck that allows guests to be on the eye level of the horizon, a gym room with essential equipment to get their sweat running and calories burning, and a massage room to pamper the guests and let their steam off for a while before heading to the party. 


Giovanni Costantino, Founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group, comments that Armani  is synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication and its stylistic vision will also increase the group’s stylistic sensitivity. ‘The new motor yacht, which combines technology and excellence in design with the distinctive features of Armani and its deep identity will give us great satisfaction,’ he says. ‘This agreement, of which I am extremely proud, is a further confirmation of our way of being able to realize unique projects with Made in Italy brands of excellence that share our values.’

giorgio armani designs stately 72-meter admiral megayacht with luxurious amenities
massage room


Giorgio Armani’s megayacht with The Italian Sea Group


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