giulio iacchetti presents bard furniture piece as a tribute to milan
image © fabrizia parisi
all images courtesy of giulio iacchetti



conceived as a tribute to the city of milan, the ‘bard’ by italian designer giulio iacchetti is a small, upholstered piece of furniture produced by manie design. the object’s dome shape and texture are based on enzo mari’s iconic concrete bollards, which were originally installed to stop people from driving onto the footpath – still prevalent throughout the streets today, their round form looks like a ‘panettone’, a traditional holiday cake. designed for internoitaliano, the ‘bard’ ironically applies the notion of comfort in an illusory way by transforming a notoriously hard and uncomfortable piece of streetscape furniture into a soft and inviting item.


the ‘bard’ is based on streetscape furniture in milan


the object applies the notion of comfort in an illusory way


the round-shape was originally designed to look like a traditional italian cake


standing on the soft piece of furniture


the ‘bard’ next to enzo mari’s iconic concrete bollards


the ‘bard’ was manufactured by marina marcon, emilio olto and luigino longo