‘nature objects’ by jonas rooth (photo by patrick meis)

glass designhuis, eindhoven december 19, 2008 – march 8, 2009

the netherlands’ designhuis design museum has extended their current exhibition ‘glass’ until march 8. the exhibit focuses on glass as a material, showcasing contemporary works that explore this essential material. from industrial uses to artistic and craft based works, the show presents a wide-range of glass pieces to illustrate the material’s diversity. while glass as medium has a long history, this exhibit aims to show the state of the art and future path glass will take in the hands of a fresh crop of artists and designers. among those included in the show are maria roosen, pieke bergmans, anna carlgren, tanja saeter, giorgio vigna, bernard heesen, jens pfeifer and dick van ’t hof. in addition there are a number of pieces from manufactures such as baccarat and royal leerdam crystal.

http://www.designhuis.com'glass' at designhuis‘infra-hydra, hydra, hormiphora rose’ by janine c schimkat (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuis‘crystal’ by royal leerdam (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuisl: ‘untitled’ by karin törnell r: ‘untitled’ by bernard heesen (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuis ‘rij kannen’ (front), ‘ gele klompen’ (back left) and ‘gewassen boom’ (back right) by maria roosen (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuis‘ovolites’ by xavier carrére (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuis‘virussen’ by pieke bergmans (photo by patrick meis)

'glass' at designhuis‘drijfschaal & drijfglaasjes’ by josja caecilia (photo by patrick meis)