yuhsien design studio introduces the ‘bubble’ series, a playful flower hood collection made out of glass. the design plays with the idea that bubbles break when touched, producing solid shapes, like bubbles frozen in time. 

bubble 1all images courtesy of yuhsien design studio



the design by yuhsien design studio opens up new possibilities for vase decor, presenting flower hoods that create a new way for interaction between plants and people. the collection encourages the use of the hoods as a ritualistic action, making the essence of floral art more attractive through the interaction with the product.

bubble 2



the bubble series is exclusively blown by glass craftsmen, with their excellent skills making these three one-of-a-kind pieces. the studio participated actively in the manufacturing process and helped give the products a slight swinging visual effect, reflecting their playful nature. the series was invited to the paris design week in 2019, in order to showcase the irregular and unique foam-y design. 

bubble 3


bubble 4


bubble 5


bubble 6



project info:


name: bubble
designer: yuhsien design studio




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom