golf jakkapun charinrattana presents wire + wooden objects at IFFS 2014
all images courtesy of golf jakkapun




thai designer golf jakkapun charinrattana has unveiled a series of sculptural and functional objects at the 2014 IFFS international furniture fair singapore. the ‘lazy umbrella stand’, ‘blossom fruit bowl’ and ‘three-legged magazine table’ are integrated pieces that serve as either a holder or frame. the project combines different forms using a steel wire grid, merging various materials together.


‘three-legged magazine table’



the magazine rack doubles as a side table with steel plates carefully shaped to create an angle to place magazines, while leaving a flat top surface with just enough space for a drink to sit on. the wooden legs provide structure and stability, and at the same time give the three-legged magazine table a unique character.

‘three-legged magazine table’ and ‘lazy umbrella stand’



the structure of the ‘lazy umbrella stand’ is made entirely from steel wires, and the wide opening at the top enables. the beech wood base is designed to shift slightly towards the front, so that when the umbrella is placed inside, it naturally leans towards the back, as if it’s taking a rest.

‘lazy umbrella stand’ – empty



merging different forms and functions, the ‘blossom fruit bowl’ is combined with a flower vase. the steel wires create a sunken surface to hold the fruit in, while the edges are lifted to allow it to be easily held. the cone-shaped part covers a terracotta vase, topped a little helper – a grid to keep the flowers in place so that they do not flop over the side.

the ‘blossom fruit bowl’



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