perfectly fit for iPad device

‘iPostcard’ is an iPad and table sleeve which brings a bit of nostalgia of old modes of communication. designed by goodluckgoods the brown shipping envelopes in which it takes its form are completed with a playful text copy that tackles the theme of love and postage, making it look as if you’re carrying around a love letter from your significant other. normally, iPad sleeves are made of leather, plastic or PVC as they are considered durable substances. as such this lead goodluckgoods to use a natural-based material, a special kind of paper made from natural cellulose fiber – the same textile used for denim jeans labels. this material is not only lightweight, but also water-resistant and yields a leather-like feeling. thanks to its brown, paper-like color, the sleeve offers the look and feel of the a vintage handwritten letter on paper. the padded soft felt cloth inside provides double-protection for the iPad’s screen. the logo and other small detail attachments are made from remnants derived from the leather goods industry.

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard front and back view

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard front view

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard back view

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard looks like carrying a letter from your loved one

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard more from the front

goodluckgoods design: iPostcard available in three colours


goodluckgoods design: iPostcard each comes with an eco-friendly package

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