goula/figuera designs suspended lights & dots lighting
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‘home adventures’ is a new initiative from the barcelona-based studio goula/figuera that comes from the need to bring many ideas that didn’t fit other projects, into the tangible and real world. the products of this new brand proved to be difficult to find in conventional home decor catalogues because of their experimental nature, morphologic references, and innovative production. these pieces are the result of freely combining volumes and materials that represent the sheer enjoyment of studio work.


according to the designers pablo figuera and álvaro goula, the products of ‘home adventures’ are ‘closer to art than industrial design, and this gives us the freedom to be more creative. they are for us an exercise in freedom of expression and flexibility which immerses us in an unknown creative territory.’

‘lines & dots’ is a suspended light fitting 




the first product of the collection is called ‘lines & dots’, a suspended light fitting. to create it, they followed an unconventional design process, starting from thousands of lines and dots drawn on paper. the designers chose a series of eight silhouettes and transferred them into different lamps. to reproduce these strokes in the air, they opted for steel rods that were folded and welded by hand by local craftsmen. each one of the eight different modules can be combined with each other using the cable as a pivot. a metallic capsule contains in its interior a dimmable LED bulb that gives a warm light as it incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

goula figuera lines dots
the design started from thousands of ink drawings

goula figuera lines dots
the designers chose a series of eight silhouettes and transferred them into different designs 

goula figuera lines dots
‘lines & dots’ allow very simple and very complex combinations 

goula figuera lines dots
the lamps are made of bent and wended steel rods

goula figuera lines dots
it gives off a warm light

goula figuera lines dots
the lamps can be arranged in small or big groups

goula figuera lines dots
there are also some combinations which doesn’t have  

the power cable is used as a pivot for the different modules



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