ON turntable by gpinto combines classic elements with modern technological features
images courtesy of f. squeglia




before the invention of tapes, compact discs and MP3 players – people listened to music on record players. there was no fast forward, rewind or shuffle. instead, you chose an album and enjoyed thirty minutes of music by one artist before flipping it over for more. the original phonograph was invented in 1877, but then slowly phased out and was replaced by other media outlets. today however, records and turntables are enjoying a comeback. 

ON turntable by gpinto combines classic elements with modern technological features
top view of the turntable




gpinto has created a unique instrument that fuses these traditional elements with modern technologies. ‘ON’ is the first plug and play turntable, which can be connected to portable devices through a USB cable or bluetooth. it houses a valve preamp with a dedicated power supply and amplifiers from 100 up to 500 watts RMS. with a height of only 6.5 centimetres, this retro product incorporates all of its technological functions within a sleek minimal design. it features a beech veneer deck, a raised white plinth and two analog inputs. the more contemporary elements are situated at the back, allowing the classic components to act as the defining features.

the turntable features a carbon fiber tonearm

gpinto on turntable

the contemporary elements are situated at the back

gpinto on turntable

gpinto on turntable
‘ON’ can be connected to devices via the USB port




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