adaptable furniture collection GRO by alex haggar presented during new york design week
all images courtesy of alex haggar




presented at this year’s ICFF new york show floor is ‘GRO’, developed by industrial design student alex haggar. exploring the concept of the diverse and changing environments of individuals, the pieces hope to give a fresh insight into adaptable furniture targeted at young professionals. made up of only 12 parts, the collection consists of four different sized tables and a chair with a material palette of birch plywood, aluminum, cork, 3D printed stainless steel, all of which is completed with powder coated finish.

the industrial design student’s booth at this years ICFF show



needing only a limited number of parts, the system promotes easy assembly and re-configuration, meanwhile utilizing quality materials to promote product longevity. characterized by the use of cork seen throughout the pieces, the lightweight and renewable material adds texture to the overall design. furthermore, the collection deviates from looking modular and instead, displays a clean, simple aesthetic allowing for the pieces to be visually cohesive in any configuration.

the chair in the GRO collection

used throughout the pieces is cork- a durable, hypoallergenic and renewable material

the collection deviates from looking modular

GRO is inspired by a clean aesthetic, and the way that unique parts interact with each other

made up of only 12 parts

quarter turn locks aid in quick reconfiguration

by looking at existing joinery, the possibilities for GRO’s connection system were realized

methods of assembling are straightforward and quick