GROHE‘s perfectly proportioned allure collection of taps, bath and shower mixers, and accessories not only offers beauty, but also state-of-the-art technology.

GROHE allure collection is the perfect fit for clean harmonious bathrooms
allure taps and mixers cleverly fuse flat geometric planes with sensual cylindrical forms



imagine a bathroom with clean lines, harmonious proportions and geometric forms, all in cool tones. light permeates the space, furnished with understated, elegant vanity units and streamlined storage. GROHE’s enticing allure collection of taps, bath and shower mixers, and accessories are a perfect fit in a luminous, modern, clutterfree space such as this — an inviting environment in which to bathe and relax or freshen up with an invigorating shower. allure’s impeccably coordinated fittings inevitably enhance the chic setting of a contemporary bathroom. however, their clean-lined design means they also complement interiors in a wide variety of styles.


allure’s gleaming chrome finish will bring a bathroom to life, ensuring that minimalist bathrooms never looks clinical. allure fuses and counterbalances a satisfyingly beautiful, dynamic design with technical excellence. while GROHE’s products are deservedly renowned for their unrivalled performance, their state-of-the-art technology is concealed within the stylish fixtures: their efficiency can then simply be taken for granted, allowing the user to immerse him or herself in the sensory experience of bathing or showering.

GROHE allure collection is the perfect fit for clean harmonious bathrooms
the streamlined allure range, which includes this floor-mounted bath filler, is perfectly suited to sleek, contemporary bathrooms



allure is a strikingly original range that juxtaposes sensual, curvilinear, cylindrical shapes with rectangles, straight lines and clean-cut edges. take its vertical one-hand mixer in the larger size, which is visually anchored to washbasins by its square base plate. shooting up from this is a cylindrical body mirrored by its cylindrical, horizontal mixer with a practical, flat, minimalist lever. gracefully rising from the vertical cylinder is the tap’s spout with curvilinear corners, which reconciles and synthesizes visually contrasting curves and straight lines within the same component. the spout’s planes with crisp edges are paired with a curvaceous silhouette whose very form suggests the untrammelled flow of water, emphasised by the spout that bows downwards.


this collection is both visually cohesive and versatile: it encompasses several other coordinating fittings, which, once again, harmonize curvilinear and rectilinear forms. the vertical basin mixer, fixed to washbasins, also comes in a medium and extra-large size – these offer a variation on the large basin mixer: the cylindrical bodies of the two smaller basin mixers are crowned with a mixer with a convenient lever. another permutation of this is a floor-mounted bath mixer whose mixer is found on the side rather than on the top of the fitting.

GROHE allure collection is the perfect fit for clean harmonious bathrooms
allure’s user-friendly, wall-mounted shower combines a rainshower head and detachable hand shower



the collection also includes several wall-mounted elements with rectangular base plates incorporating cylindrical mixers, such as a shower mixer on its own, a shower mixer with a thermostat, a bath mixer on its own and another incorporating a tap. allure also features an elegantly slimline, wall-mounted shower fitting with a rainshower head or detachable hand shower, ensuring flexibility. its mixers are neatly and discreetly located at its base. completing the allure family are several similarly streamlined accessories – a bathrobe hook, towel ring, soap tray, toilet-roll holder and toilet-brush set.


importantly, allure strikes a perfect balance between ergonomics and high style. all taps and mixers come with user-friendly, practical, not to say aesthetically pleasing, handles and levers. ultimately, GROHE’s allure collection effortlessly straddles beauty and superlative performance. in terms of its unique design, too, it achieves the apparently impossible, squaring the circle by marrying curves with rectangles – an elegantly resolved adventure in geometry.



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