thanks to GROHE‘s technologically advanced contactless faucets, no one need worry about getting their hands dirty while washing them.

the untouchables: GROHE's automatic contactless faucets offer hygienic solutions
it’s on: GROHE’s automatic faucets are easy to use. the water flows as soon as your hands approach the faucet and stops when no more movement is detected
all images courtesy of GROHE



physical proximity is out, society is doing without its previously obligatory hello kiss, and scientists have been discussing the issue down to the tiniest of details – literally in this case. the coronavirus has changed the world. nowadays, respecting social distancing advice combined with washing one’s hands are considered the most important health protection measures. consequently, few people think of hand washing, of all things, as a risky business too.


fortunately, the product experts at GROHE already have a solution: for almost 40 years, touch-free fittings have been part of the successful concept of the global GROHE brand and many hospitals, airports, stadiums and other institutions rely on this technology from north rhine-westphalia to prevent the accumulation of germs and viruses on fittings in public sanitary facilities.


a light movement of the hand is enough to set the water flow hygienically in motion on all GROHE models with a sensor. in addition, automatic flushing prevents legionella from forming in pipes during prolonged periods of downtime, and dead spaces in the fitting have also been reduced to a minimum.

the untouchables: GROHE's automatic contactless faucets offer hygienic solutions

the untouchables: GROHE's automatic contactless faucets offer hygienic solutions
whether eurosmart, eurocube E or essence E – as a standalone or wall-mounted unit, GROHE’s collections combine high quality and modern technology in all styles. for selected models, this can also be controlled via app



why the hotel and catering industry has discovered the touchless faucets for itself is obvious: they require less cleaning, offer a thermal disinfection mode and, thanks to GROHE‘s precision technology, save water and energy too. it was, then, only a matter of time before these arguments became known across the broader country.


so when it comes to finding hygienic solutions for residential projects, architects and interior designers are in safe hands with GROHE. in addition to modern infrared technology, the sheer range of options that’s offered is compelling. whether with the straightforward aesthetics of the eurosmart cosmopolitan product line, the clear design language of the cylindrical essence E or the cubic design of the eurocube E models: this is contemporary technology that suits any and every bathroom style.



guest feature by mareile morawietz / architonic