GROHE is now a ‘full bathroom’ provider. with the ‘perfect match’ online tool, architects can easily create functional and aesthetically harmonious holistic concepts for bathrooms.

GROHE enables architects to design holistic concepts for bathrooms
in recent years, GROHE has developed into a ‘full bathroom’ provider: its range of bathroom products is now highly diverse and full-scale: the company today offers numerous product types with a unique and coherent design language
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no doubt: when it comes to bathroom design, every detail counts. because all of of its individual elements – their shapes, their materials and colours, their proportions and surfaces – play together aesthetically to enhance the appearance and shape the style of a room. beyond its mere function, every object – if well-chosen – can articulate a formal language, thus creating a certain mood that influences the user of the space.


indeed, the time we spend in the bathroom is not solely for personal hygiene, but for relaxation, refreshment and reflection, too. in the morning we focus and prepare for what lies ahead and in the evening we recharge our batteries after a long day. so turning a bathroom into a personal wellness area that exactly fits our preferences can make all the difference.


architects and interior designers are, of course, well aware of that fact and know that every formal decision in the composition of a bathroom interior matters to a high degree. to arrive at the desired goal, GROHE has in recent years developed into a ‘full bathroom’ provider with a highly diverse and fullscale range of bathroom products.

GROHE enables architects to design holistic concepts for bathrooms


GROHE enables architects to design holistic concepts for bathrooms
apart from the classic white, darker colours have come into fashion in bathroom interiors. GROHE, aware of this trend, is giving architects and interiors designers a great deal of freedom to compose and combine the various elements



the company today offers numerous product types with a unique and coherent design language, among them essence and cube ceramic – ranging from faucets to ceramic series and shower systems up to many accessories and flush plates. in other words, whatever element is needed to furnish and equip a bathroom, a product from the company’s program can offer a high-quality solution. instead of mixing brands and styles, the aligned yet combinable GROHE product lines will lead to better results in an easier and less time-consuming way.


an obvious indicator of a consistent design approach is the fact that the company’s design team has collected 400+ international awards. however, its primary goal is not the next award, but to give customers the feeling that every product was ‘personally designed for them’. now, in order to offer solutions for almost every taste and purpose, we see a great variety of design styles in the GROHE bath program – ranging from the angular and polygonal to products with round and soft radiuses and surfaces.


many elements come in different shapes, colours and finishes, each featuring their own, clear identity. but the more program there are, the harder the choice can be. for example, when the assignment is to find suitable combinations of faucets and washbasins, the possibilities might at first seem endless. here is where ‘perfect match’ – a tool that can be found on GROHE’s website – comes into play. it proves to be a great help for architects and interior designers to find what fits together formally and functionally.

GROHE enables architects to design holistic concepts for bathrooms


GROHE enables architects to design holistic concepts for bathrooms
every object and detail in a bathroom can articulate a formal language and by this create a certain mood that influences the person using the bathroom: so this special place can become one of relaxation, refreshment and reflection



‘perfect match’ helps greatly to harmonize faucets with washbasins – in order to create aesthetically pleasing and functional combinations. to arrive at this goal, it is crucial that interiors designers and architects have the freedom to select from product lines where all the parts will work together formally. the updated and extended essence faucet line, for example, comes in a great number of finishes.


when asked about its design concept and advantages, tarek hegazy, principal and creative director of the swedish-based company living design, reacts enthusiastically: ‘it is important to have customisation and distinction, while remaining united around a core value – that’s basically the real value that GROHE is providing. the new options give us the wings to fly, in other words, they give us the chance to create a visual distinction without sacrificing the core value of the essence quality and functionality.



guest feature by gerrit terstiege / architonic