SENSIA ARENA BY GROHE is trending towards functional hygiene


Shower toilets are fast becoming the new standard when it comes to personal hygiene. GROHE Sensia Arena showcases the benefits of this all-encompassing approach with award-winning design, innovative technology and an undeniable feel-good factor.

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality
With the Sensia Arena model, manufacturer GROHE offers a shower toilet that combines the global trend towards highly functional and hygienic toilets with award-winning design

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Hygiene and wellness in one


Flowing water is not only the source of life, but also the epitome of purity. We tend to forget that there is often nothing more to add to this natural effect – especially when it comes to our body care. Nothing cleanses more easily and gently than a pure stream of water.



A realization that can also be applied to our everyday visit to the toilet. Shower toilets have become a worldwide trend and are fast on their way to becoming the new hygiene standard. Manufacturer GROHE makes full use of these versatile advantages with its Sensia Arena model, whose two separate and adjustable spray arms combine the practicalities of both toilet and bidet. In doing so, the leading specialist for holistic bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings promises not only a thoroughly cleansing effect, but an equally powerful feeling of well-being.

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality
With Sensia Arena, a visit to the toilet is transformed into a small spa moment in the middle of everyday life, which can be entirely customised to fit personal wishes and needs – both in terms of function and design



Daily spa treatment


A visit to the toilet thus becomes a small wellness moment in the middle of busy everyday life, completely tailored to individual wishes and needs. From the water temperature to the jet pressure and the shower arms – with Sensia Arena, all personal preferences can be set and controlled via app and can be triggered at the simple touch of a button.


Sensia Arena’s award-winning design can be seamlessly integrated into any bathroom and convinces with its timeless lines


In addition to the ladies’ shower, which is designed for the female intimate area, there are other functions that could almost be mistaken for a visit to the spa. You can choose between a back jet, soft jet, pendulum jet or relaxing massage jet. This helps the feel-good oasis of the bathroom – and its much needed me-time moments – extend even to the restroom area.

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality
Options such as back jet, soft jet or relaxing massage jet are conveniently selected at the push of a button – just like the individual water temperature. Sensia Arena also has a lid that opens automatically thanks to motion sensors



The latest in design and technology


Hygienic cleaning – without unnecessary toilet paper – is just one of the many positive aspects. After the shower, warm air, the exact temperature of which can also be selected individually, ensures complete and pleasant drying. An integrated odour absorption system eliminates unwanted smells, and motion sensors make the lid open automatically when approached. A courteous gesture that is accompanied by a night light in the darker hours.



Sensia Arena’s award-winning design – accolades include the Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award and the Green Good Design Award – can seamlessly be integrated into any bathroom and convinces with its timeless lines. The large selection of actuator plates completes its versatility and provides architects, interior designers and planners with a multitude of options for the ‘perfect match’.

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality

GROHE's shower toilet combines self-cleaning hygiene with functionality
It is not only the technological innovations of Sensia Arena that are remarkable – the design of the shower toilet is also award-winning. With timeless, intuitive shapes, it blends seamlessly into any bathroom and interior concept



A new dimension of personal hygiene


The multi-talented Sensia Arena is another example of why GROHE is known not only for its award-winning design, but its innovative technology, too. The shower toilet sets new standards, especially when it comes to hygiene. Thanks to its AquaCeramic coating and the antibacterial HyperClean glaze, dirt and impurities have a hard time settling. Both are complemented by the new PlasmaCluster technology, which causes released ions to remove remaining bacteria independently and naturally.



In addition, the shower arms have replaceable antibacterial spray nozzles and automatically clean themselves with water before and after use. The WC’s Triple Vortex flush ensures thorough and hygienic sanitation without the use of aggressive chemicals. Who doesn’t want their toilet to finally help with the cleaning? Sensia Arena opens up a whole new dimension on the subject of hygiene. In times like these, an even more essential criterion.



Once you’ve had the pleasure of a shower toilet, you won’t want to do without it in the future. After all, for a brief moment of wellness in the midst of stressful everyday life, you don’t need much more than a quiet place to go.



Guest feature by Julia Hauch/ Architonic