edible, hallucinogenic, in the air, in the water, and even in our bodies — mushrooms are everywhere. from superfood, to building material, to curing depression, we are starting to discover the countless uses this massive mysterious kingdom has.


in an effort to bring an easy-to-use countertop appliance which allows anyone to easily grow gourmet mushrooms in their own kitchen, FirstBuild — the global co-creation community and innovation lab for GE appliances — has launched mella.

grow your own mushrooms at home with mella
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mella — the smart mushroom fruiting chamber — is the first countertop appliance made for growing edible gourmet mushrooms at home and automates the process for consistent results every time. it controls and automates the process, creating an ideal environment for a variety of mushrooms to grow. this includes the automation of humidity and airflow, making the process easy for both beginners and mycelium masters alike.


‘following the massive trend of sourdough bread making at home, we saw that #mushroomgrowing was also exploding with millions of views across social platforms,’ said andré zdanow, executive director of FirstBuild and small appliances as GE appliances. ‘while bread makers are readily available, our team found no current way for those interested in mushroom growing to garner consistent results and immediately wanted to invent a solution.’

grow your own mushrooms at home with mella


mella has launched an indiegogo campaign, with the presale prices starting at $349 plus shipping — a 27% savings off anticipated MSRP. made from stainless steel and with a clear viewing door, the sleek design can be easy to clean. it features a removable, easy-fill water basin and a removable interior fan.

grow your own mushrooms at home with mella

mella is a joint effort between mushroom experts, including CEO and co-founder of north spore, eliah thanhauser; CEO and co-founder of FreschCap toys, tony shields; bon appetit’s brad leone; and other leading mushroom experts.


‘I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to help enthusiast find success with the mushroom growing process,’ said eliah thanhauser, CEO and co-founder at north spore. ‘our collaboration with FirstBuild is exciting because mella makes mushroom growing practical for hobbyists and small-scale growers by giving them a low-maintenance way to enjoy our grow kits – and the mushroom experience – with minimal effort and maximum reward.’

grow your own mushrooms at home with mella


project info:


name: mella

type: mushroom fruiting chamber

created by: FirstBuild

indiegogo campaign: here